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Certificate of Insurance

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What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A certificate of insurance is a document, signed by an insurance agent or company, which outlines the types and limits of insurance carried by a vendor, contractor, tenant or other party with whom we have entered into an agreement.

What will I find on a Certificate of Insurance?

  • the name of the insurance agent or broker
  • the name of the insurance agent or broker
  • the identity of the "Named Insured" that purchased the policy
  • the insurer providing the coverage
  • the types and amount of the coverage
  • the effective dates of the policy

When do we need them?

Anytime an outside party is:

  • providing a type of good or service for use in the Lehigh community
  • doing any work on behalf of Lehigh University
  • occupying Lehigh property for any use

Why are Certificates important?

A Certificate of Insurance is an official means of ensuring the outside party is in compliance with the terms of our agreements, and Lehigh's interests are protected. It also provides information about the insurance companies used, so we know where to file claims if needed.

Whenever the University hires vendors or contractors or lets an outside group use Lehigh's facilities, something can go wrong and someone may get hurt. You can help protect Lehigh from liability by requiring a Certificate of Insurance from that entity's insurance carrier. The certificate proves the vendor or group is insured by a financially stable company and that it carries adequate amounts of insurance for the activity or service.

Please note: A Certificate of Insurance may not be enough protection for contracts/agreements that have significant risks or last for extended periods, such as those for construction, transportation services, snow removal, or a children's camp for example. To ensure compliance with Lehigh's Policies and Procedures on contracts requiring proof of insurance, liability risks and issues or any questions that you may have, please call the Risk Management Department at 610-758-3899 for clarification.

What does "Additional Insured" mean?

When Lehigh University is listed as an additional insured, it means that Lehigh's interests are protected under the insurance policies purchased by the outside party, as respects any work/product, etc. provided to us by the outside party. It allows us to "bypass" our own insurance and use the insurance provided by the outside party. It would also grant Lehigh rights to coverage for losses arising out of the services or products that the vendor supplies.

It is vital that Lehigh University ALWAYS be listed as an additional insured on all general, auto, and umbrella liability policies purchased by the outside parties.

Where should these certificates go?

A copy should be kept by your department, and a copy sent to the Risk Management Department for review.

What if Lehigh is requested to provide a Certificate of Insurance?

When an outside party is requesting a certificate of insurance from Lehigh, please use the Certificate Request Form. Forward all completed certificate requests to or fax to the Risk Management Department (610-758-5855) for processing. Once received, your request will be submitted to the University's insurance broker for processing. Please allow 3 to 5 days for processing.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact the Risk Management Office at 610-758-3899.