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Special Event/Activities Insurance Coverage (TULIP - Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy)


Application for Coverage (TULIP) (this form can be found in the "Forms" tab of this website)

Do you — or does anyone else in your department — authorize or arrange for the use of University facilities by non-University groups or individuals? If so, are you aware that the University requires each organizer/organization using University facilities to provide a Certificate evidencing current insurance coverage and to include Lehigh University as an Additional Insured with respect to the specified date and activity?

Currently, those individuals/organizations having inadequate or no coverage are either denied the use of University facilities, or the insurance requirement is waived if the risk of liability exposure is minimal. If the coverage requirement is waived, the University’s exposure to potential liability claims resulting from a non-University group’s activities is increased.

To minimize this liability exposure and to accommodate the insurance needs of non-Lehigh event organizers, we have arranged with the University’s liability insurance broker to provide insurance coverage which meets University requirements at very reasonable premium rates. By completing the brief application form and submitting it, along with the appropriate premium payment directly to the Risk Management Office, non-University organizers can purchase the necessary coverage.

Please ensure that the University’s insurance requirements are communicated to all event organizers and the insurance requirement “language” incorporated into all written agreements/ contracts. If you are confronted with or planning an event which may pose unusual liability exposure or extraordinary risk, contact the Risk Management office (x83899) to discuss appropriate loss prevention/control measures and the potential need for additional insurance coverage.


What is it?

Special events insurance is liability protection for organizations that host activities which are not included in the University’s insurance program. This program provides liability coverage and legal defense for claims of negligence brought on the grounds of mismanagement, improper security, misleading representations, or failure of equipment/fixtures, to name but a few.

Why do we need this?

In today’s litigious society, event organizers face potential liability suits from spectators, contractors, and customers. Even if a suit is unjustified, the cost of defense can be significant.

Who needs it?

Any group or individual organizing an event on campus which may pose a liability risk should consider this program. In addition, this program may also be used by University affiliated organizations for events held off campus.

How much will it cost?

Premium costs are determined based on the nature of the event, the anticipated number of participants and the number of days. While it is impossible to quote rates without detailed information about the event, we can say that premiums for this program are almost always considerably lower than any similar policy you could buy on the open market.

What does this General Liability policy pay for?

This policy indemnifies the insured (the lessee) for all necessary legal costs to defend against suits brought against their organization, barring any policy exclusions. Also, any judgment against the insured will be paid up to the selected limit of liability of the policy.

What Kind of Events Should Have This Coverage?

Art Shows
Business Meetings
Birthday Parties
Classical Music Concerts – Indoors
Jam and Jazz Concerts – Indoors
Concerts – not otherwise classified above
Wedding Receptions
Festivals and Cultural Events
Theatrical State Performances
Any other event that may pose a liability threat - Risk Management can advise you on this

How do I apply for Special Event Insurance Coverage?

Complete the Application Form (this form can be found in the "forms" section of this website.


Schedule of Hazard/Risk Classifications

CLASS I - Low/Minimum Hazard Risks

Anniversary Parties
Antique Shows
Art Festivals
Art Shows
Auto Shows - Auto Static Only
Awards Presentations
Baby Shower
Ballets and other Classical Dance Shows
Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah
Beauty Pageants
Belly Dancer
Birthday Parties
Boat Shows (Dry Dock Only)
Body Building Contests
Book Signing
Bridal Showers
Business Meetings
Business Parties
Business Shows
Camera Shows
Card Shows
Caricature Sketching
Charity Benefits/Auctions/Sales
Choirs - Indoors
Church Services or Meetings
Civic Clubs Meetings
Computer Shows
Concerts - Celtic Music
Concerts - Chamber Music
Concerts - Classical Music - Indoors
Concerts - Holiday Music
Concerts - Instrumental
Consumer Shows
Conventions - Indoors
Craft Shows
Dance Competitions
Dance Recitals
Debutant Balls
Drill Team Exhibitions
Educational Exhibitions
Electronics Conventions
Face Painters
Fashion Shows
Flower and Garden Shows
Harvest Festival - no farm implements/equipment
Holiday Events & Parties/Gift Exchanges
Home Shows
Jam and Jazz Concerts – Indoor
Job Fairs – Indoor
Ladies Club Events
Meetings – Indoor
Mobile Home Shows
Poetry Reading
Professional and Amateur Association Meetings
Reunions – Indoor
Scouting Jamborees - no overnight camping
RV Shows
Social Receptions - Indoors
Speaking Engagements
Store Openings
Story Teller
Symphony Concerts
Trade Shows – Indoor
Vacation Shows
Voter Registration
Wedding and Wedding Receptions

CLASS II - Medium/Average Hazard Risks

Bingo Games
Card Games - Blackjack
Card Games - Poker
Carnivals - School Events with No Mechanical Rides
Chess Tournament
Choirs - Outdoor
Christmas Tree Lighting
Clowns - No Motorized Vehicles
Concerts - 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's Music
Concerts - Blues Music
Concerts - Classical Music - Outdoors
Concerts - Country Music
Concerts - Folk Music
Concerts - Motown
Concerts - Soul Music
Dog,Cat, Bird & Other Domestic Animal Shows/Events
Easter Egg Hunt
Festival and Cultural Events - Indoors
Golf Events - Non Professional
Impersonator - Celebrity or Holiday Character
Jam and Jazz Concerts – Outdoor
Job Fairs – Outdoor
Jugglers (No Pyro)
Mariachi Band
Math Tournament
Meetings – Outdoor
Menorah Lighting
Old Timer Events
Picnics - held at grounds without pools or lakes
Reunions – Outdoor
School Band Competition/Events
Soap Box Derby
Social Receptions – Outdoor
Trade Shows – Outdoor
Union Meetings
Video Game Contests

CLASS III - Moderate Hazard/Increased Exposure/Average Risk

Aerobics and Jazzercise Classes or Events
Amateur Rodeo and Roping Events
Baseball - Amateur
Basketball - Amateur
Bicycling - No Racing / Offroad
Block Parties/Street Closures/Street Fairs-Under 5,000 Spectators
Bowling Tournaments
Boxing, Wrestling, Hockey, and Football Games - Amateur
Casino and Lounge Shows
Cheerleading Events/Competitions (no pyramids)
Comedy Shows
Company or Corporate Retreats
Concerts - Pop Cover Bands
Cornfield Mazes
Country and Western Events - no rodeos or rides
Country Festivals and Fairs - No Rides
Festivals and Cultural Events – Outdoor
Film Screenings
Film Showings
Golf Tournament - Daytime
Grad Night
Gymnastic Competitions - Spectators Only
Halloween - Costume Contests
Heads of State Events
Ice Skating Shows
Instructional Classes
Junior Athletic Games
Karate Meets
Laser Tag (Indoors)
Livestock Shows
Magic Show
Marathons (Walking & Running)
Mobile Homes/RV Shows - Professionally Managed
Movie Release Party
New Year's Party (Private/By Invite Only)
Parades - under 5000 spectators
Play Readings
Pool and/or Billiards Tournaments
Softball - Amateur
Sporting Events - Indoors - Non-Professional
Talent Show (No Rap, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal Shows)
Tap Dancing
Tennis Tournament
Theatrical Stage Performances
Volleyball - Amateur
Walking/Hiking Tour
Wine Tasting

CLASS IV - Events Not Covered

Aircraft Events
Animal Acts and Shows
Bicycle Rallies/Street Closures/Street Fairs - over 5,000 in attendance
Boat Shows
Bounce Houses
Bungee Jumping
Carnivals with Amusement Devises
Concerts - Not Otherwise Classified
Concerts with Rap, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Ski Punk or similar types of music
Cycle Events
Evangelistic Meetings with Faith Healing or Similar Activities
Events with Armed Private Security
Events with Known Attendance Prior to the Event Greater than 5,000 People
Events with prior losses
Exotic Animal Shows and Events
Film Production
Fraternity Events
Go Kart Races
Gun and Knife Shows
Halloween - Haunted Houses
Hand Gliding/Sky Diving
Hay Rides
Heads of State Events
Hot Air Balloon Rides/Events
Instructional Classes - Drivers Education, Flying or Health Related
Laser Tag
Marathons / Walkathons
Mechanical Amusement Devises including Mechanical Bulls
Mosh Pits
Motorized Sporting Events
New Years Party (Open to public/not by invite only)
Nightclub Shows
Overnight Camping and Retreats
Paint Ball
Political Rallies
Professional Sports
Reality TV Shows
Record Signing's in stores
Renaissance Fairs/Festivals
Rodeo and Roping Events - Professional
Roller Coasters/Sky Coasters
Rummage Sales - Other than for Charities
Saddle Animals
Sidewalk Sales
Skate Boarding
Ski Events
Sky Diving
Slam Dancing
Sorority Events
Swap Meets/Flea Markets
Swimming and Pool Facilities
Temporary grandstands
Tractor Pulls
Wall Climbing
War Games/Re-enactments
Water Events
Water Slides
Any Event with a known attendance prior to the event greater than 5,000 people.