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Assistance Services


  1. International Travel Assistance Services - The University has purchased an international travel services assistance plan for faculty, staff, and students who are traveling on University business and on University-sponsored programs. This emergency travel assistance program coordinates with your medical coverage to provide seamless protection and numerous other travel services abroad. It travels with you, anywhere in the world outside of the United States, its territories, possessions, and Puerto Rico.
    NOTE: To access these services, you must download a International ISOS insurance card from the Study Abroad website 
  2. What Type of Services Are Available?
  3. •  These services may involve third party expenses which are the responsibility of the covered member or the University.

    1. Pre-Departure Services - Pre-departure services can provide travelers with valuable information to prepare them for a trip. Information on immunization requirements, appropriate medical exams and treatment, passport and visa requirements, weather updates, and travel warnings are readily available.
    2. Travel Medical Emergency Services* (This is 24-hour service) – Travel Medical Emergency Services can:
      • help a traveler obtain local medical care
      • maintain contact between local and personal physicians
      • provide medical records to local physicians
      • maintain daily contact between patient, family, employer and physician
      • monitor the quality and cost of hospital treatment
      • confirm insurance coverage
      • guarantee payment to the medical care provider using the traveler’s or University’s financial resources
      • arrange shipment of prescription drugs, medical equipment and prescription lenses
    3. Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
    4. Emergency Travel Assistance*
      • provide 24 hour airline ticket replacement
      • arrange payment for a new ticket
      • arrange delivery of ticket by the quickest means possible
      • find the traveler a place to stay if hotel reservations are lost
    5. Travel Emergency Legal Assistance*
    6. Emergency Message Service - Communication during an emergency can be close to impossible when traveling in a foreign country. This valuable service can provide:
      • 24 hour toll-free telephone and message service
      • messages can be stored for up to 72 hours
    7. Insurance Coordination* - Verifying insurance and completing claims forms can be difficult in a foreign country. AIG Assist can help the traveler:
      • fill out all insurance forms for medical expenses, baggage lost, flight delay, car rental damage, etc.
      • verify insurance coverage
      • guarantee payment to a medical provider based on the confirmation of insurance coverage or traveler's credit card
      • coordinate with a medical provider to ease claim filing when back home
      • notify the insurance company of claims
    8. Emergency Cash*
    9. Lost Baggage / Passport Service*
    10. General Assistance**
      • center to communicate emergencies
      • main resource for translations if you need help in an emergency situation
      • point of contact with consulates and government agencies