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Educators Legal Liability and Trustees & Officers Insurance

  1. Lehigh purchases comprehensive Educators Legal Liability (ELL) insurance to provide liability protection for the institution, its trustees, officers, employees, volunteer workers and, in some circumstances, students and interns. Many of the exposures for which this coverage provides protection are unique to higher education and research universities and include professional liability arising out of teaching and research activities, tenure denial, student discrimination against or by students, and educational malpractice. Its broad wrongful acts coverage protects against a wide range of potential claims including but not limited to, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, whistleblower charges, violation of intellectual property rights, employment practices, violation of fiduciary duties and violation of many statutory obligations.
  2. The ELL policy provides very broad coverage, written specifically to address the exposures faced by leaders of educational institutions. The ELL policy provides errors and omissions coverage for individual trustees.