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Professional Liability

  1. Coverage is provided for activities conducted for the University by University employees and student interns. Professional programs and services included in this coverage are: Architects/Engineers; Department of Education & Human Services; Counseling & School Psychology; Energy Research Center/Energy Liaison; Counselors/Psychologists; Nurses; Athletic Trainers; Engineering Research; Facilities Services/Planning.
  2. The University does not carry Professional Liability Insurance for professional activities that are not part of University programs (e.g., personal consulting; personal professional engineer opinions/recommendations, etc., of faculty and staff members). Generally, faculty and staff can obtain appropriate insurance coverage at a minimal cost from a professional society to which they belong.
  3. Independent contractors and vendors are required to have their own insurance coverage. Individuals entering into contracts with external organizations/institutions should verify that the contractor assumes adequate responsibility for liability losses and should review the contracts with their department heads/center directors. Contracts presented to you by outside contractors and vendors must be reviewed by Lehigh’s General Counsel’s Office, Purchasing, Office of Research or Risk Management.