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Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage Policy

Policy Number: 101
Effective Date: 6/1/2002

Purpose: To identify the scope of University provided insurance coverage for university personnel as it pertains to liability, vehicle usage, and personal possessions. Coverage is provided whether on campus or off campus for University related business or field trip travel.


The University carries insurance policies for its liability, and its employees are also covered under these policies for their negligence. No one is ever insured for willful misconduct.

University owned vehicles: The University insures all its vehicles for liability (injury to third parties and third party property damage) and physical damage (comprehensive/collision). If you are driving a University owned vehicle with the permission of the University, then you are an insured driver under the University's policy. The same holds true for students or others driving University vehicles with permission.

Rented vehicles: All vehicles rented for use in the local area must be rented through Lehigh's Transportation Services Department. If you are traveling outside of the local area and you are renting a vehicle while working on behalf of the University (including unpaid or volunteer work), you should rent the vehicle in the name of the University and your own name. This means that you should sign both your name and "the name of the University" on the rental agreement. The University's Auto Policy will then respond as if the rented vehicle is an "owned" vehicle, so you should decline liability and collision insurance. Never rent a vehicle valued in excess of $50,000.

With respect to vehicles being rented in Canada, or driving a University-owned vehicle into Canada, Lehigh's Transportation Services Department must be notified in advance so that a Canada Non-Resident Insurance Card can be issued by the University's insurance broker.

If you rent a vehicle anywhere outside the United States or Canada, you must purchase the insurance coverage offered by the rental agency in that country. If you will be renting a vehicle in a foreign country for more than sixty (60) days, contact the Risk Management Office so that Foreign Liability umbrella insurance coverage can be extended for the full term of your rental.

Personal vehicles: Mileage reimbursements are designed to include an incremental cost for insurance and deductibles. When you drive your own car on University business, your own insurance policy serves as a "primary" policy for third party liability and physical damage to your vehicle. This means that if a claim arising out of an accident exceeds your policy limits, then the University's policy will cover the accident in excess of your policy.

If your vehicle is damaged as a result of an accident, whether it is your fault or not, your comprehensive/collision coverage would respond. You are responsible for any deductible amounts under your policy. If you do not carry any collision insurance, then the entire amount of the damage is your responsibility. Neither the University nor the University's Insurance will pay for any physical damage to your vehicle - you use it at your own risk.

Reporting accidents: At the scene of an accident follow the guidelines proscribed by the Transportation Services Department. If a university owned or rented vehicle, report all accidents to the Transportation Services Department. If a personal vehicle and there is an injury to any third party, you must file a copy of the State Accident Report with a letter to the University stating that the accident occurred while you were on University business and the nature of the business. If you are aware of any serious injuries to any third parties including any University employees or students as a result of the accident, please include the particulars in your report. Also, please indicate the limits of liability that you carry. The reports should be sent to Transportation Services. File any claims with your insurance company as you would if the accident occurred when you were not working.

The University does not insure the personal property of others. If your personal property is lost or damaged while on campus, whether it is your fault or not, your own homeowners/tenants insurance would respond. You are responsible for any deductible amounts under your policy. If you do not carry homeowners/tenants insurance, then the entire amount of the damage is your responsibility.

The University purchases property insurance for property that it owns. Non-University property may be covered by the University's insurance if a loss occurs while that property is, by written agreement, in the care, custody, and control of the University and/or it is determined that the University is legally liable for the physical loss or damage to such property. Examples where property owned by faculty and staff may be covered by the University include: property that is, by written agreement, under the care, custody and control of the University and the loss occurs due to fire, windstorm, explosion, smoke damage, or theft by forcible entry. Currency and money are not covered.

Your personal property losses not covered by the University's insurance may be covered by your homeowner's or renter's insurance policies.

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Applicability: All Employees
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